Luminaire RMD P 55/2, RMD P 80/2

RMD-P-55_2-RMD-P-80_2RMD P 55/2,
RMD P 80/2

Equipped with two 55W or 80W TC-L compact fluorescent tubes; mixed light; standard light colours: 4000 Kelvin neutral white and 5400 Kelvin (80W 5800K) daylight; up to 5000lux or 5400lux on the work surface at a distance of 50cm; bright large-area illumination of the entire work surface; electronic ballast; RMD P 80/2 provides perfect illumination even from higher positions; anti-glare shield as standard; indirect light; height-adjustable between 500 mm and 1500 mm; dimensions (LxWxH): 800x195x61mm; standard colour: aluminium silver/black



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