We Have a Many Years of Experience in Dairy Farming

Our team includes about 15 individuals each with their own talents and roles. Our cheesemakers are a small but mighty team, with lots of experience working with our products and the intricacies of our dairy processing.

Our commercial kitchen boasts several cooks and bakers with an endless capacity to create deliciousness using many of our dairy products. Our retail team has a diverse skill-set that expands far beyond their friendly nature and attentiveness to customers.

Fresh and Organic Products for Every Day
Fresh and Organic Products for Every Day

We Raise Domestic Breeding Cows

Our cows are all pedigree, that means that we breed from them, keep the best and record their births and their family lines can be traced back probably in some cases 60 years. They all have 2 ear tags, and these numbers relate to their passport number, a number they keep for life.

Visit Our Dairy Farm

You will have the opportunity to visit our farms, where you can learn about the interesting process of animal husbandry. And at the tasting, you will feel like you are in the Swiss Alps, and you will also bring home unique delicacies.

Excursions are held daily from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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